unmiss south sudan juba protection of civilians COVID-19 precautions frontline health workers United Nations Volunteers UN Volunteers coronavirus social distancing

Lydia Mpeh, a United Nations Volunteer serving in Rumbek, South Sudan, as a frontline health worker with UNMISS, is committed to continuing her vital work here despite the threat of COVID-19 to her own health and wellbeing.

unmiss south sudan protection of civilians medical assistance supplies handover frontline health workers COVID-19 coronavirus sensitization Torit PPE protective equipment porous borders peacekeeping

As part of its ongoing commitment to support local efforts to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, UNMISS handed over some 7,000 face masks, protective glasses, gloves and disinfectants to local hospitals in Torit.

unmiss south sudan protection of civilians WHO humanitarian assistance COVID-19 coronavirus sensitization awareness-raising women women's groups Yambio peacekeeping

The Anika Women's Association in Yambio is providing door-to-door awareness-raising sessions and putting up posters with messages from the World Health Organization in public places as well as in front of individual residences. These messages have been translated into local languages by UNMISS.

unmiss south sudan protection of civilians radio coronavirus COVID-19 Radio Miraya school lessons peacekeepers peacekeeping

The Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General, David Shearer, joined the Head of UNICEF South Sudan and the Minister of General Education on Radio Miraya to launch a new remote learning programme for school children.