unmiss peacekeepers day pkday international day of un peacekeepers south sudan

CENTRAL EQUATORIA: Almost 18,000 United Nations peacekeepers work in partnership with the Government and communities across South Sudan to help the world newest nation navigate the difficult path from war to peace. Their contribution was recognized during ceremonies held in Juba and other locations around the country on the 76th International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers. Photo by Isaac Billy/UNMISS

unmiss rule of law criminal justice south sudan un united nations peacekeepers peacekeeping bor jonglei

A two-day workshop hosted by UNMISS in Bor brought together some 40 participants to discuss ways and means to strengthen the criminal justice chain. Photo by Achol Kur/UNMISS

unmiss south sudan western bahr el ghazal cattle migration quick impact project police station rule of law protection of civilians

The new and UNMISS-funded police station in Kayango was hailed as a beacon of the rule of law in an area where crimes related to seasonal cattle migration are common. Photos: Roseline Nzelle Nkwelle/UNMISS

unmiss mobile court mayom justice rape sexual gender violence SGBV unity south sudan

The recently concluded mobile court in Mayom, Unity state, handled 31 cases, securing 24 convictions, and releasing 22 prisoners over six weeks. Mobile courts, a collaboration between South Sudan’s judiciary and Government, as well as UNMISS, bring justice to locations lacking access to formal legal systems. Photo by Peter Bateman/UNMISS

unmiss south sudan jonglei greater pibor manyabol primary school quick impact project education

Everyone in Manyabol were on their feet to see and celebrate the result of an UNMISS-funded project that will give hundreds of students a decent learning environment. Photo: Achol Kur Marial Kur/UNMISS

unmiss south sudan upper nile kodok peacekeepers india veterinary camp animal livestock welfare

Sometimes, animals also need medical attention and care. Fortunately for beasts residing in and near Kodok, Indian peacekeepers were recently available to provide them with such services. Photos: Samuel Adwok Deng/UNMISS

south sudan elections unmiss undp electoral votes peace peacekeeping capacity peacekeeper free fair civil society youth

Civil society and youth representatives, government partners, women, and state elections committees in Northern Bahr El Ghazal came together for a two-day workshop facilitated by the United Nations Integrated Electoral Assistance Team to boost capacities on electoral standards, principles and management techniques. Photo by Emmanuel Kele/UNMISS

unmiss peacebuilding RSRTF Tonj warrap south sudan court rule of law justice

UNMISS and UNDP jointly held a two-day workshop to prepare Tonj South for an upcoming circuit court. This initiative, which falls under the Kong Koc Project funded by the South Sudan Multi-Partner Trust Fund for Reconciliation, Stabilization, and Resilience, aims to enhance justice delivery by addressing long-pending cases involving intercommunal violence. Photo by Zejin Yin/UNMISS