UNMISS Pakistan floods climate change bentiu south sudan united nations un peacekeeping peacekeepers

It was a special day for 272 UNMISS peacekeepers from Pakistan serving for peace with UNMISS in Bentiu, South Sudan, as they received the prestigious UN medal for their commitment to safeguarding 300,000 people from catastrophic floods. Photo by Captain Taimoor Ahmad/UNMISS

unmiss un un peacekeeping refugees returnees sudan south peacekeepers

UNMISS facilitated a visit by state authorities to Western Bahr El Ghazal's Boro Medina, where hundreds of refugees and returnees fleeing the Sudan crisis continue to arrive every day. Photo by Roseline Nzelle Nkwelle/UNMISS

unmiss justice rule of law gender gogrial warrap elections south sudan un united nations peacekeeping peacekeepers

An UNMISS workshop in Gogrial West, Warrap, sought to enhance the criminal justice system by boosting capacities of justice actors, prisons and police officers. Photo by Zejin Yin/UNMISS

unmiss south sudan bangladesh seeds food security un united nations wau farming

In Wau, UNMISS peacekeepers from Bangladesh hand over seeds to communities plus train them on scientific cultivation techniques to help boost food security. Photo By Jimmy Ludanga/UNMISS

unmiss unity ruweng south sudan peace democracy elections civil society un united nations peacekeepers peacekeeping

As South Sudan gears up for its first post-independence elections, UNMISS holds two workshops in Unity and Ruweng Administrative Area respectively to build capacities among civil society actors. Photo by Luk Riek Nyak Bol/UNMISS

unmiss south sudan nasir peacebuilding workshop malakal upper nile conflict un united nations un peacekeeping peacekeepers

A two-day workshop on conflict mitigation and management jointly facilitated by UNMISS and Upper Nile state authorities sought to boost trust and confidence among communities in Nasir and South Sudanese uniformed personnel. Photo by Nyang Lieth/UNMISS

unmiss solar power south sudan peacekeepers peacekeeping united nations un

Six solar powered water taps handed over by UNMISS to residents of the Wedwil refugee settlement is expected to address water shortages, one of the significant challenges faced by those fleeing the Sudan crisis. This project will also help reduce competition over scarce resources, foster peaceful coexistence, and promote social cohesion. Photo by Emannuel Kele/UNMISS

unmiss south sudan bor land ownership jonglei un united nations peacekeeping peacekeepers

In Bor, an UNMISS workshop on peacefully settling land disputes brought together 46 participants to come up with sustainable recommendations on promoting accountability and transparency. Photo by Angellah Mandoreba/UNMISS.

unmiss unpol un united nations peace cattle livestock transhumance capacity building south sudan kapoeta

In Kapoeta, South Sudanese police officers enhance their capacities to deal with crimes related to livestock and transhumance, thanks to UNPOL officers serving for peace with UNMISS. Photo by Moses Yakudu/UNMISS.