Civil Affairs Division

Who we are

The Civil Affairs Division (CAD) serves as the primary interface between UNMISS and civil society, the local community and local authorities.

Why we are here

The division’s role is to assist with the mission’s peacekeeping mandate at sub-national level,  working to strengthen social and civic conditions necessary for peace. It focuses on the following areas:

  • Conflict prevention, mitigation and resolution;
  • Support to emerging governance structures at local level (state and county);
  • Support to popular representation and accountability;
  • Cross mission support to other sections like Political Affairs, Rule of Law, Protection, Military and UN Police

What we do

At the field level, Civil Affairs Officers:

  • Provide analytical information to assist early warning and conflict management, with special focus on root  causes, actors, dynamics and interests, and impact of local conflicts on state building and peace building;
  • Support and coordinate peace/reconciliation initiatives at local level in collaboration with local and traditional authorities;
  • Assist and support capacity building of local government officials;
  • Participate in regular consultations with political parties and civil society groups on political participation and representation as well as institutional, legal and capacity challenges. 


What we have done

Some CAD achievements include: 

  • Facilitating, coordinating and/or providing logistical and technical support to peace and reconciliation initiatives across the country, including the following: 

             - Jonglei State Peace process, including Presidential Peace Committee for Jonglei State and Murle Leaders Peace Committee, which culminated in All Jonglei Peace Conference in May 2012;

             - Madi-Acholi Peace Conference in Eastern Equatoria State in April 2012;

             - Migration peace agreement between Dinka Panaruu and Fellata Wella and Jafwon pastoralists in Unity State in March 2013;

             - Peace conferences and agreements between Dinka Malual and Rizeigat nomads, and Dinka Malual and Misseriya in Northern Bahr El-Ghazal (working alongside AECOM);

             - Peace dialogue and agreements between nomads and local leaders in  Longochuck, Renk and Maiwut counties in Upper Nile State (in collaboration with Concordis International).

  • Facilitating capacity building workshops for members of State Legislative Assemblies, local government and law enforcement officials, traditional leaders, political party representatives, women and youth groups; 
  • Regular information sharing and coordination with UN Interim Security Force for Abyei and African Union – UN Mission in Darfur on cross-border migrations in their respective areas of operation

Where we are

National and international Civil Affairs Officers are deployed in all 10 states of South Sudan, including some working directly at county level. All state teams receive direction and guidance from CAD headquarters in Juba, which also advises senior mission leadership.

Who we work with

Civil Affairs teams across South Sudan work with state governments, legislative assembly officials, local officials at county levels, traditional and religious women and youth groups, non-governmental organizations and civil society organizations. They also work with other UN organizations and international NGOs in implementing the UNMISS mandate.