Political Affairs

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UNMISS' Political Affairs Division (PAD) monitors and assesses political developments in South Sudan.

Who we are

The Political Affairs Division (PAD) monitors and assesses political developments in South Sudan. It provides political advisory services to UNMISS leadership and the mission as a whole.

Why we are here

Under the overall framework of the UNMISS Mandate, the Political Affairs Division (PAD) leads UNMISS political engagement by the mission and the UN system, in support of the UNMISS leadership good offices mandate, to achieve durable peace and protect civilians. We work with and through, the Revitalized Transitional Government of National Unity, political parties, civil society, women, youth, faith-based communities and other relevant stakeholders including regional and international partners.  PAD coordinates UNMISS political efforts at the international and national levels and provides support to subnational political efforts via the field offices and in collaboration with the Civil Affairs Division. We work to advance political space through regular external engagement and forums such as the Political Parties Forum, Leadership Dialogue Series and the Diplomatic Partners Forum. PAD defines political and engagement strategies for UNMISS and serves as the focal point for political analysis.

What we do 

  • Support the IGAD led Peace process including technical support to R-ARCSS Implementation Mechanisms, such as support to the National Constitutional Amendment Committee on the constitution-making process and to the Sant’Egidio led peace process the non-signatories to the R-ARCSS.
  • Engage with national stakeholders, including national and sub national authorities, traditional leaders, womens and youth groups as well as Civil Society
  • Enhance political and civic space through facilitating leadership dialogues, roundtable discussions on national radio and political party forums as well as other initiatives including the mission leadership’s regular interaction with the diplomatic community and international non-governmental organizations based in Juba.
  • Assist the mission leadership in meeting its reporting obligations to UN Headquarters and the UN Security Council, including regular reporting on mandate implementation.
  • Support to accountable institutions through the provision of technical experts and advice on various matters of good governance including elections.
  • Monitor and analyze political developments in South Sudan; Identify political early-warning signals and analyze trends representing potential threats against civilians to inform the mission’s protection of civilians’ activities.

What we have done 

  • Established coordination mechanism among international partners and provided support to the National Constitutional Amendment Committee constitutional processes.
  • Contributed to an inclusive and peaceful transition and widening political and civic space by advancing dialogue through forums with political leaders, civil society and enhancing the inclusion of women and youth participation in the political process.
  • Analyzed and reported on the impact of political developments in country and within the region to guide the mission’s strategic engagement
  • Supported SRSG’s good offices mandate.
  • Provide direct support to mediation processes, most recently the Sant’Egidio process to encourage non-signatories to join the R-ARCSS structures.

Where we are

The staff of the Political Affairs Division are all based in the national capital Juba.

Who we work with

PAD’s partners, interlocutors and contacts include political leaders, government officials, political parties, non-governmental actors and civil society leaders as well as women and youth leaders. PAD also interacts with external actors such as diplomatic missions as well as regional and international institutions such as IGAD and the AU, including non-governmental organizations dealing with South Sudan.

Within the UN, the division interacts with the Office of the UN Special Envoy for the Horn of Africa, UN Office to the AU and neighboring Peacekeeping Missions.

The road ahead

  • Guide the mission’s engagement with political actors to facilitate the implementation of the peace agreement and its envisioned reforms and provide advice and support on issues related to political transition and good governance.