Who we are

The UNMISS military, as mandated under Chapter Seven of the UN Charter, has a role to support and assist in creating a safe and secure environment that will facilitate the implementation of the mission’s mandate and establish conditions necessary for stability in South Sudan.

The UN Security Council authorized that the UNMISS military will consist of up to 7,000 military personnel, including military liaison officers and staff officers, under the leadership of a Force Commander. As at 31 May 2013, the force was comprised of 6806 troops and 146 military liaison officers, coming from a total of 56 countries. 


Why we are here

The security situation in South Sudan is characterized by inter-communal conflicts and an inconsistent but semi-active conflict with Sudan. UNMISS military operations are in line with the mission’s objective to support the government in consolidating peace and security, and establishing conditions for development. 

To this end, the military aims to deter would-be aggressors against harming the people of South Sudan and to support the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) and other security agencies in providing protection of civilians. As far as possible, within its given mandate, the UNMISS military assists the SPLA by encouraging, facilitating and demonstrating professionalism in its operations.


What we do

Based on the broader UNMISS mandate, the key tasks of the UNMISS military are::

Supporting the South Sudanese government and the SPLA in conflict prevention, mitigation and resolution and in the creation of a stable and secure environment;

  • Physical protection of civilians under imminent threat of physical violence, particularly when the Government is not providing such security;
  • Providing support to security sector reform and the Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration process;
  • Facilitating access and providing protection for civilian humanitarian and development actors;
  • Assisting in efforts to build the capacity of the SPLA and other security agencies;
  • Build relations and support South Sudanese communities through civil-military activities in areas such as health, veterinary practice and engineering;
  • Protecting of UN personnel, installations, and equipment.


What we have done

The UNMISS military component, still in its interim operational capability, is embedded in coordination mechanisms at national, state and county levels that contribute towards a secure environment. It has enhanced mutual trust between UNMISS and the South Sudanese government and assisted in creating conditions that will enhance the development of the country. 

The military has made efforts to provide a stable and secure environment, thereby facilitating humanitarian access to the population in need. In addition, the military has engaged the government in capacity-building of its military institutions and reintegration of various armed groups.

Where we are

The UNMISS Area of Responsibility is the territorial land and waterways of South Sudan. UNMISS military personnel are deployed nationwide at national, state and county levels where we maintain a physical presence and situational awareness. 

The road ahead

The military component of UNMISS will continue to support the mission, the government and the SPLA in working towards stabilizing the security situation in South Sudan. The progress of these efforts will determine the final phase of military operations in UNMISS, the Drawdown Phase, allowing for a reconfiguration of the force after authorization by the UN Security Council.