cattle United Nations peacekeeping UNMISS South Sudan wau animals veterinary care

Bangladeshi peacekeepers serving with UNMISS treated and vaccinated over 400 animals, boosting confidence among community members in Wau. Photo by Jimmy Ludanga Lambs/UNMISS

unmiss south sudan community dialogue warrap RSRTF sweden canada netherlands germany switzerland european union norway south korea resilience conflict

In the Greater Tonj area of Warrap state, communities have been traditionally caught in cycles of conflict, but thanks to a project called Kong Koc – which means ‘to wait’ in a local dialect—funded by the South Sudan Multi-Partner Trust Fund for Reconciliation, Stabilization, and Resilience (RSRTF), hope has resurfaced through more than 15 community dialogues over a six-month period. Photo by Zejin Yin/UNMISS

UNMISS United Nations UN Peacekeeping peacekeepers UNFPA gender-based violence GBV sexual violence domestic violence women peace security south sudan unity

In Unity state, the UN Peacekeeping mission, UNMISS, the UN Population Fund and the state Ministry of Gender, Child and Social Welfare, team up to hold a two-day workshop on improving established policies for preventing and responding to violence against women. Photo by Peter Bateman/UNMISS

Peace South Sudan UNMISS UN peacekeeping peacekeepers development elections constitution capacity building discussion Quick impact projects

In a bid to mitigate longstanding source of conflict, UNMISS, as part of its Quick Impact Projects programme, drills a solar-powered borehole in Pau-Adhot. Photo by Emmanuel Kele/UNMISS

Peace South Sudan UNMISS UN peacekeeping peacekeepers elections constitution capacity building discussion peace dialogue

A recent peace dialogue held jointly by UNMISS and UNDP brought together the Gawar and Lak Nuer communities from two counties – Ayod and Fangak – to discuss conflict resolution methods as well as ways to build community resilience. Photo by Mach Samuel/UNMISS

unmiss south sudan returnees sudan khartoum peacekeepers united nations peacekeeping conflict mongolia

A team of peacekeepers recently visited Panakuach, on the border of Sudan and South Sudan, to assess the needs of new returnees who have headed back to their home country, following escalating violence in Khartoum. Photo by Peter Bateman/UNMISS

unmiss child protection child rights peace peacekeeping south sudan peacekeepers mundri mvolo united nations western equatoria

Some 100 community representatives from Western Equatoria's Mundri and Mvolo counties were trained by UNMISS on protecting and upholding child rights. Photo by Felix Katie/UNMISS