Peace South Sudan UNMISS UN peacekeeping peacekeepers development trade harmony bridge connect livelihood school

In Western Equatoria, two newly constructed bridges are set to connect people, improve livelihoods, and facilitate the work of peacekeepers and humanitarians. Photo by Phillip Mbugo/UNMISS.

unmiss south sudan central equatoria lainya county justice access courts prisons police stations roads judges protection of civilians

Local chiefs in Lainya County have expressed concern about insufficient resources in the justice sector. Photo: Taban Geofrey Koma Alfred/UNMISS

unmiss south sudan western bahr el ghazal wau armed forces unified national army cooperation

Senior military officers from the country's main armed forces met in Wau to discuss how best to function together in a single national army. Photo: Roseline Nzelle Nkwelle/UNMISS

Peace South Sudan UNMISS UN peacekeeping peacekeepers security development elections constitution capacity building community policing uniformed personnel Lainya Yei

The Lainya Police Community Relations Committee continues to hold grassroots dialogue, promoting peace, security and trust among uniformed personnel and communities, despite significant challenges. Photo by Taban Alfred/UNMISS.

Peace South Sudan UNMISS UN peacekeeping peacekeepers development elections constitution peace concert reconciliation Western Equatoria Buch Rasta nation-building dialogue

A recent #UNMISS peace concert in Tambura, Western Equatoria, featured top South Sudanese performer Bucha Rasta, who sang about reconciliation, nation-building and the need for unity. Photo by Denis Louro/UNMISS.

Peace South Sudan UNMISS UN peacekeeping peacekeepers elections capacity building forces reconciliation

In Unity State and Ruweng Administrative Area, UNMISS organized a training for approximately 600 members of the South Sudan security forces, aimed to bridge possible gaps between different groups within them. Photo by Peter Bateman/UNMISS.