Peace South Sudan UNMISS UN peacekeeping peacekeepers elections constitution capacity building discussion peace credible civil society

Recently, in Bor, South Sudan, the United Nations built capacities on inclusive and credible electoral processes among 27 participants drawn from civil society, the media, and persons with disabilities. Photo by Achol Kur Marial Kur/UNMISS

unmiss climate environment tree planting bentiu south sudan pakistan un united nations peacekeepers peacekeeping floods

Since 2021, Bentiu, South Sudan, has been in the grip of unrelenting floods. UNMISS peacekeepers from Pakistan have, therefore, actioned a new initiative that aims to restore the damage to the regions flora by planting 500 native trees. This project is spreading its roots, from humble beginnings inside a Pakistani engineering compound within the UN Peacekeeping mission's Field Office to greater Unity state and Ruweng Administrative Area. Photo by Peter Bateman/UNMISS

Peace South Sudan UNMISS UN peacekeeping peacekeepers QIP Quick Impact Projects solar police station cattle migration

An UNMISS handover of a strategically located, solar-powered police station in Kayongo, South Sudan, has brought hope to some 16,000 residents who have, in the past, been greatly affected by conflicts arising due to seasonal cattle migration. Photo by Roseline Nzelle Nkwelle/UNMISS.

unmiss AIDS HIV prevention rumbek lakes south sudan protection

To dispel myths surrounding HIV/AIDS and raise public awareness, UNMISS and Lakes state’s HIV/AIDS Commission facilitated a 10-day for some 26 participants. Peer education, HIV prevention strategies, including safe sex practices and understanding condom use were some key aspects. Vitally, sessions touched upon how stigma and discrimination can hinder the lives of people living with the disease. Photo by James Mawien/UNMISS

unmiss elections south sudan democracy journalists reporters media civil society voting women polls protection of civilians un united nations un peacekeeping peacekeepers western bahr el ghazal human rights civic space political undp

A three-day workshop by the UN aimed to raise awareness among 25 diverse stakeholders in Western Bahr El Ghazal, South Sudan, on legal frameworks governing elections, gender considerations, disability rights and barriers to equal access. Photo by Roseline Nzelle Nkwelle/UNMISS

Peace South Sudan UNMISS UN peacekeeping peacekeepers Quick Impact project market economy livelihood income women family vegetables

An UNMISS-funded women's vegetable market in Western Equatoria has brought joy and hope to thousands of residents, making a significant impact given the current economic situation. Photo by Denis Louro/UNMISS.