unmiss rule of law human rights cattle migration herders farmers warrap western bahr el ghazal south sudan conflict mobile court

The third deployment of a joint special mobile court in Gette, Western Bahr El Ghazal, sought to marry traditional justice systems with the formal legal mechanisms in South Sudan to resolve disputes between farmers and livestock herders. Photo by Zejin Yin/UNMISS

unmiss human rights upper nile women children security prisons rights

A recent UNMISS workshop for 30 prisons officers in Renk, Upper Nile, sought to build capacities on human rights standards as well as uphold the rule of law. Photo by Samuel Adwok/UNMISS

unmiss skills vocational training protection of civilians mangateen juba south sudan united nation peacekeeping peacekeepers donors self-reliance

Building self-reliance through teaching income-generating skills: That's the leitmotif of an UNMISS-funded training activity for displaced persons in Mangateen,South Sudan. 45 young people are learning to bake, sew, make soap and eventually become small business owners. Photo by James Sokiri/UNMISS

unmiss peace community leaders traditional leaders bor jonglei undp

Some 50 traditional leaders benefited from a joint workshop conducted by UNMISS, UNDP and the state Ministry of Presidential Affairs in Bor, Jonglei. The focus: strengthening awareness of key roles and responsibilities as stipulated within the Local Government Act (2009). Photo by David Majur Awuou

UNMISS united nations unpol peacekeeping protection of civilians cattle raids farmers herders conflict south sudan eastern equatoria lafon clashes undp peacebuilding dialogue

While relative stability has returned for residents of usually serene Lafon who got embroiled in cattle-related clashes in past months, much remains to be done to bring peace to this devastated community. UNMISS and humanitarian partners are rallying to help the conflict-affected here rebuild their lives as well as livelihoods. Photos by Samira Y. Salifu/UNMISS

unmiss peace revitalized peace agreement western equatoria south sudan parliamentarians unity progress partnerships elections UNMISS peacekeepers peacekeeping united nations

Parliamentarians and members of the organized forces in Western Equatoria came together at a workshop facilitated jointly by UNMISS and the Community Empowerment for Progress Organization to put together a roadmap on how they can leave aside their differences and unite to build peace, usher in progress. Photo by Denis Louro Oliver/UNMISS

unmiss marial lou temporary operating base peacekeepers conflict reconciliation warrap tonj coexistence peacebuilding united nations peacekeepers peacekeeping

Last year, when conflict broke out in Marial Lou in Warrap, South Sudan, UNMISS peacekeepers immediately mobilized and established a temporary base here. Nine months later, thanks to joint interventions by the UN Peacekeeping mission and partners, feuding communities have reconciled, though the wounds of past trauma still need to heal. Photo by Zejin Yin/UNMISS

unmiss protection of civilians child rights children south sudan child soldiers kapoeta eastern equatoria child protection united nations peacekeeping peacekeepers

Some 30 senior officers of the Sudan's People Liberation Army-in Opposition participated in an interactive workshop facilitated by UNMISS on protecting and upholding the rights of children. Photo by Okello James/UNMISS.