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In Tambura, Western Equatoria, calm and stability are gradually returning. To consolidate this fragile peace, UNMISS recently held a two-day workshop for youth and a football match here. The aim: To promote social cohesion. Photo by Felix Katie/UNMISS

UNMISS International Women's Day Margaret South Sudan Women Peace Security Women's History Month

Margaret Othow, an electrician working with UNMISS in Malakal, speaks about being the only woman in her team and choosing to train in what is considered an unusual profession for women in South Sudan. Photo by Samson Liberty/UNMISS

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Victoria Chon, an 82-year-old South Sudanese lawmaker is an inspiration to women and young girls across the world. She believes education for all is essential for the world's newest nation to successfully complete its democratic transition. Photo by Gregorio Cunha/UNMISS

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A two-day consultation in Bor saw cogent discussions on key issues - full and equal participation of women and displaced people in constitution-making; fortified security structures as well as upcoming elections. 89 participants attended this meeting, jointly facilitated by UNMISS, UNDP and UNHCR. Photo by Angellah Mandoreba/UNMISS

unmiss protection of civilians reintegration peace elections south sudan united nations unpeacekeeping

At a recent workshop in Panyume, South Sudan, facilitated by UNMISS, tackled tough topics - sexual and gender-based violence, intercommunal conflict, human rights and the role of citizens in upcoming elections. The consensus: peace begins with collective efforts to safeguard every individual's rights and dignity. Photo by James Sokiri/UNMISS

unmiss protection of civilians south sudan united nations peacekeeping security sector trustbuilding peacebuilding upper nile malakal SSPDF

A two-day workshop by UNMISS in Upper Nile sought to address distrust between civilians and uniformed personnel in an attempt to build a sustained peace in this troubled region of the world's newest nation, South Sudan. Photo by Samuel Adwok/UNMISS.