UNPOL police UNMISS South Sudan Protection of Civilians Sexual and Gender Based Violence SGBV Warrap Capacity Building United Nations

UNPOL officers serving with UNMISS in Warrap recently held a day-long workshop for female policing counterparts from the South Sudan National Police Service to build their capacities in dealing with cases of sexual- and gender-based violence. Photo by Zejin Yin/UNMISS.

youth peace security trauma civil war peaceful coexistence peace south sudan malakal unmiss peacekeeping united nations civil affairs

Young people play a critical role in driving positive change in any society. UNMISS and the state Ministry of Youth, Culture and Sports in Malakal, therefore, organized a two-day interactive forum on reconciliation and trauma healing for 80 youth. Photo by Samuel Adwok/UNMISS.

unmiss protection of civilians girls women child protection day of the girl

UNMISS and humanitarian partners supported an event in Bander School, Malakal, to mark International Day of the Girl Child. Photo by Samuel Adwok/UNMISS

unmiss protection of civilians military adviser force commander koch unity state temporary base peacekeepers peacekeeping

General Birame Diop, the United Nations Military Adviser, recently visited the UNMISS temporary base in Koch to see firsthand the mission's security and operations as well as speak to communities living here. Photo by Roseline Nzelle Nkwelle/UNMISS.

UNMISS protection of civilians gender equality peacekeepers South Sudan peacekeeping women peace security Rumbek

UNMISS, in partnership with the state Ministry of Gender, Child and Social Welfare and the Community Empowerment for Progress Organization, organized a two-day workshop on gender equality for 30 participants in Rumbek. Photo by James Manyuol/UNMISS

unmiss police unpol police commissioner unaisi bolatolu-vuniwaqa south sudan fiji women peace security leader

UNMISS' first-ever woman Police Commissioner, Unaisi Bolatolu-Vuniwaqa, ends her tenure today but leaves behind a formidable legacy of leadership, empathy and operational effectiveness. In this interview, she shares her powerful story.

unmiss unpol police commissioner fiji farewell woman leader south sudan

Unaisi Bolatolu-Vuniwaqa, the first woman to be appointed as Police Commissioner of the world's largest peacekeeping mission, UNMISS, was honoured by officers under her command at an emotional and heartfelt parade today, as she completes her tenure in the mission. Photo by Francesca Mold/UNMISS.

UNMISS protection of civilians COVID-19 Eastern Equatoria peacekeepers South Sudan peacekeeping quick impact project

UNMISS recently handed over a 24-bed COVID-19 isolation unit to Nimule Hospital in Eastern Equatoria to ensure that community members who contract the virus can be treated effectively. Photo by Samira Y. Salifu/UNMISS.

unmiss rule of law prisons human rights special courts south sudan capacity building rumbek peacebuilding peacekeepers united nations peacekeeping justice

In Rumbek, UNMISS and the Minister of Parliamentary and Legal Affairs, Mayen Chol Maker, jointly visited the newly-established Special Court in Yirol West. Photo by James Manyuol/UNMISS

unmiss protection of civilians quick impact projects peacebuilding healthcare maternity eastern equatoria

UNMISS recently handed over a seven-room primary healthcare unit with antenatal facilities, a pharmacy and delivery beds for expectant mothers to communities in Labalwa, Eastern Equatoria. Prior to this, residents had to trek for 9 kilometers to Torit to access basic health and medical services. The handover falls under the mission's Quick Impact Projects programme. Photo by Okello James/UNMISS