unmiss south sudan juba un house srsg nicholas haysom international day of un peacekeepers

Celebrations of the International Day of UN Peacekeepers at UN House in Juba. Photo by Priyanka Chowdhury/UNMISS

unmiss wau south sudan bahr el ghazal development peace security united nations un peacekeeping peacekeepers

Communities in Wau have reason to hope for a more peaceful, prosperous future as, in a recent joint exercise by UNMISS and FAO, they contributed to an area development planning document. The aim: To ensure greater food security, animal health and give the local economy a boost. Photo by Michael Wondi/UNMISS

unmiss south sudan upper nile state malakal people living with disabilities human rights inclusiveness participation

People living with disabilities frequently face discrimination. In Malakal, 20 of them participated in a workshop focused on their rights to equal participation in every sphere of life. Photo: Nyang Touch/UNMISS