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A follow-up patrol team from UNMISS visited Rokon in Central Equatoria recently to engage with local communities and address their concerns. Photo by Moses Pasi/UNMISS.

UNMISS protection of civilians intercommunal conflict youth peace reconciliation eastern equatoria peacekeepers peacekeeping

Conflict between youth groups have escalated tensions in Ikotos county, Eastern Equatoria. Community members have requested a visiting UNMISS patrol team for reconciliation activities. Photo by Okello James/UNMISS.

UNMISS south sudan youth peace security yei youth day volunteerism

Some 50 young people in Yei commemorated last week's International Youth Day by volunteering to plant trees and clean up hospital premises. Photo by Surur Ali Aliye/UNMISS.

UNMISS protection of civilians displaced civilians intercommunal conflict cattle raids peacekeepers South Sudan peacekeeping eastern equatoria

Community members in Lafon county, Eastern Equatoria, want to break free from endless cycles of cattle raids, land disputes and revenge attacks. They have requested UNMISS to help promote reconciliation among feuding residents. Photo by Moses Yakudu/UNMISS.