unmiss south sudan bor jonglei state concert stand up for peace thousands of people united social cohesion reconciliation

Some 5,000 revellers filled Bor's Freedom Square with unbridled joy at a concert promoting and standing up for peace. Photos: Gideon Sackitey and David Awuou/UNMISS

UNMISS UNPOL capacity building SSNPS south sudan lakes police rule of law

Upholding prisoner rights, ensuring cases of sexual-and gender-based violence are dealt with sensitively and the critical role played by police in building trust among the communities they serve - these were only a few issues that two comprehensive workshops facilitated by UNPOL officers serving with UNMISS sought to address. Photo by Nina Zubovic Vignjevic/UNMISS

UNMISS human rights south sudan jonglei justice rule of law quick impact projects

Quick Impact Projects are low-cost interventions by UNMISS that address urgent public needs. In Jonglei, the construction of an office facility for legal professionals by the UN Peacekeeping mission has led to appreciation by all local stakeholders, plus given rule of law a boost. Photo by David Awuou/UNMISS

unmiss pibor bor medical ambulance covid-19 south korea republic of korea peacekeepers peacekeeping united nations south sudan

In Pibor, South Korean peacekeepers serving with UNMISS recently handed over an ambulance to Tangajaon Medical Center, giving healthcare and hope a boost. Photo by David Awuou/UNMISS

UNMISS Sara Beysolow Nyanti resident coordinator south sudan aweil food security humanitarian displaced United Nations FAO African Development Bank

The historic Aweil Rice Scheme will soon get a facelift, thanks to the Food and Agriculture Organization,the African Development Bank and the State Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security in Northern Bahr El Ghazal, announced UNMISS Deputy Chief Sara Beysolow Nyanti during a recent visit.

unmiss quick impact projects women livelihoods peace south sudan bor jonglei

Six years after UNMISS constructed the local fish market, through its Quick Impact Projects programme, trade is thriving but local business persons are requesting the UN Peacekeeping mission to further rehabilitate the structure. Photo by David Awuou/UNMISS.

unmiss south sudan yambio maridi main supply route road rehabilitation bangladeshi engineering troops

No more inspections of progress made on the rehabilitation of the road from Maridi to Yambio, because it has now been completed by UNMISS engineers from Bangladesh.