unmiss south sudan juba rwanda vegetable garden rondereza economical stove food security sexual violence deforestation communal garden harvests livelihoods

Women and men in Juba's Korok West Village, guided by UNMISS peacekeepers from Rwanda, plant vegetables and learn how to use fuel-efficient stove. Photos: Moses Pasi/UNMISS

unmiss human rights tambura south sudan training capacity building civil society elections united nation un peacekeepers peacekeeping

With South Sudan gearing up for peaceful and credible elections next year, upholding human rights for all is critical. Thanks to an UNMISS-facilitated training, civil society representatives from three counties in Western Equatoria are now better equipped to educate communities on these essential rights. Photo by Felix Katie/UNMISS

cattle migration UNMISS south sudan united nations peacekeeping misseriya falata community violence peacekeepers

While conflict in Sudan rages, a four-day conference backed by the UN in Ruweng, South Sudan, finds joint solutions to reducing cattle migration related violence, thanks to cattle owners from Sudan reaching amicable resolutions with their counterparts in the world's newest nation. Photo by Roseline Nzelle Nkwelle/UNMISS

unmiss south sudan central equatoria state yei refugee returnee quick impact project income-generating vocational training

Needing a wheelchair has never stopped Madelena Peace Aboyi in Yei from living life to the fullest. Shortly, she is set to start her own baking business.

unmiss south sudan eastern equatoria magwi female entrepreneur support vision capacity building improve community

Female entrepreneur Anyek Rose John wants to improve situation for girls and women in her community in Eastern Equatoria. Photo: Saima Nizami/UNMISS