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An UNMISS human rights forum saw frank discussions about the need for all stakeholders to come together, despite their differences, and contribute to ensure that South Sudan's first post-independence elections, scheduled for December 2024, are free, fair as well as credible. Photo by James Sokiri/UNMISS

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Every November, we mark Road Safety Week. This year, UNMISS partnered with government authorities and the Swiss Red Cross in Juba to host an event, plus distributed 150 helmets and 50 t-shirts, to raise awareness on the need for safe driving practices. Photo by James Sokiri/UNMISS

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Bangladeshi peacekeepers serving for peace in Kuajok continue to win hearts, boost confidence and build trust with host communities. Recently, they handed over school supplies to students in remote areas; gave free medical checks to patients in Kuajok State Hospital and State Prison; distributed sewing machines to help upskill the incarcerated; and built numerous shelters for local police to help them continue upholding the rule of law, even during inclement weather. Photos by Zejin Yin/UNMISS