UNMISS protection of civilians displaced civilians peacekeepers South Sudan peacekeeping patrols Lowoi Eastern Equatoria herders cattle raids nomads settlers

Communities living in Lowoi, a primarily agrarian society, have had their homes and farmlands destroyed by seasonal nomadic herders. Many have been displaced in the past few months and need urgent food assistance, as a visiting UNMISS patrol found out. Photo by Samira Y. Salifu/UNMISS.

UNMISS protection of civilians COVID-19 Malakal peacekeepers South Sudan peacekeeping

A hospital worker is pictured going to dispose medical waste at the new incinerator at Malakal Teaching Hospital. This much-needed disposal site was funded by UNMISS and constructed by the International Medical Corps; it was built as part of the mission’s ongoing support to the national-led COVID-19 response in the country. Photo courtesy International Medical Corps.

UNMISS protection of civilians Western Bahr El Ghazal Northern Bahr EL Ghazal Warrap Lakes Nicholas Haysom Aweil Wau Kuajok  Rumbek displaced civilians peacekeepers South Sudan peacekeeping peace

Earlier this week, Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General and Head of UNMISS, Nicholas Haysom, travelled to four of the 10 South Sudanese states, as a start to his sub-national engagements - Northern and Western Bahr El Ghazal, Warrap and Lakes. Photo by Gregorio Cunha/UNMISS.

UNMISS protection of civilians women's rights gender equality peacekeepers Yambio Western Equatoria South Sudan peacekeeping

A day-long forum, organized by the UNMISS Gender Unit in partnership with the state ministry for Gender, Children and Social Welfare in Yambio, Western Equatoria, drew some 50 participants from civil society organisations, faith-based groups, local politicians and community members. The workshop aimed at strengthening women’s voices in decision-making within the political and social spectrum of the state. Photo by Denis Louro/UNMISS.

UNMISS protection of civilians conflict Maban Upper Nile displaced civilians peacekeepers South Sudan peacekeeping peace reconciliation cattle raids

As part of ongoing efforts to promote peace and reconciliation among local communities across South Sudan, Leda Limann, Head of Office, UNMISS Malakal, recently visited Maban county, in the Bunj area of Upper Nile state. Photo by Janet Adongo/UNMISS

UNMISS protection of civilians livestock protection animal health veterinary camp cattle  peacekeepers South Sudan peacekeeping Malakal World Veterinary Day

A free veterinary camp for livestock owners and training sessions for animal health workers in Malakal were organized by Indian veterinarians from UNMISS.

UNMISS protection of civilians COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic Kuajok peacekeepers South Sudan peacekeeping

An UNMISS handover of masks, aprons and radio sets is expected to ensure local food vendors in Kuajok stay safe and healthy during the ongoing pandemic, while communities visiting the market here have access to latest information on COVID-19. Photo by Manyang Mayom/UNMISS.

UNMISS protection of civilians Women Peace Security WPS peacekeepers South Sudan peacekeeping gender

A three-day advocacy skills training facilitated by the UNMISS Gender Unit drew participants from civil society, local women’s associations and other women’s groups in Central Equatoria, South Sudan. Similar workshops are planned for all 10 states in the world's youngest nation.