unmiss south sudan peace reconciliation cattle raids intercommunal clashes revenge attacks coexistence united nations un peacekeeping peacekeepers pibor akobo

Two peace rallies in Akobo and Pibor, South Sudan, came up with a unified vision for a peaceful, prosperous nation - using vocational training to build youth skills, collectively upholding the rule of law and ensuring community engagements to build reconciliation. Photo by Blessings Phumisa/UNMISS

unmiss south sudan jonglei bor unv volunteers hospital peace begins supplies

At Bor State Hospital, beds, like many other items, are in short supply. UN volunteers serving with UNMISS decided to make a valuable contribution towards increased access to healthcare. Photos: Angellah Mandoreba/UNMISS

UNMISS Pakistan floods climate change bentiu south sudan united nations un peacekeeping peacekeepers

In Bentiu, South Sudan, two years of incessant floods have created a climate crisis like no other this young nation has seen before. However, UNMISS engineers from Pakistan continue to mount an extraordinary response to save lives, sustain livelihoods and protect civilians. Photo by Gregorio Cunha/UNMISS

Peace South Sudan UNMISS UN peacekeeping peacekeepers elections constitution Human Rights Rule of Law

Some 50 officers from the South Sudan National Police Service took part in a training on upholding human rights, especially those of suspected offenders, during a workshop led by UNMISS in Torit.

Photos by Moses Yakudu/UNMISS

unmiss south sudan western equatoria state civil society organizations implementation of revitalized peace agreement constitution making elections

The Civil Society Network in Yambio attending an UNMISS-led workshop on the transitional political process expected to lead to elections next year. Photos: Denis Louro Oliver/UNMISS

Peace South Sudan UNMISS UN peacekeeping peacekeepers elections constitution prisons rule of law juveniles

As part of its ongoing capacity-building support to rule of law institutions in South Sudan, UNMISS conducted a four-day workshop for 25 officers working with the National Prison Service. Photo by Carole Abou Farah/UNMISS

unmiss south sudan gender equality women's rights education early forced marriages unity equal opportunities

The importance of women having the same opportunities as men, and how to reach that goal, was discussed at a conference organized by UNMISS in Terekeka. Photos: James Sokiri/UNMISS

UNMISS South Sudan Malakal Upper Nile Human Rights peacekeepers peacekeeping women peace security

A two-day forum held by UNMISS and the state government in Malakal, South Sudan, sought to discuss equal rights for women as an integral part of upholding human rights. The focus: To raise awareness on how women and girls are disproportionately impacted by conflict, plus ways to ensure they fully participate in governance, decision-making and politics. Photo by Samson Liberty/UNMISS

unmiss south sudan juba terekeka intercommunal fighting displacement peace reconciliation resolutions

Voting for peaceful coexistence at an UNMISS-organized conflict resolution and reconciliation conference between previously hostile communities from Juba and Terekeka counties, respectively. Photos: James Sokiri/UNMISS