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Juba residents are currently being treated to important messages on the need to end violence against women. The public service announcements, recorded in several languages, are being aired by a promo truck cruising the streets of the capital.

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Despite the pressures of her duties serving in the UNMISS Joint Operations Centre in Juba, Captain Stephanie Palfrey-Sneddon, an Australian peacekeeper, is using her rare spare time to lead a project to help local children access education at schools near the United Nations base.

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Exodus Academy, a small school in Juba serves a community that relies on casual work and subsistent farming. Here, education is a luxury that most families cannot afford. UNMISS has a base not far from the school. For the past few years, peacekeepers have provided what support they can, creating a football field and playground, installing a water bore, providing desks, books, and engineering support. The latest initiative is a special book using photos and inspirational quotes from the children to raise funds to pay the fees of orphans and children in single-parent families, to provide food, books and improve the classrooms.

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Hazel De Wet from Namibia has served in both the humanitarian and peacekeeping arms of the United Nations. She is currently leads the Civil Affairs Division at UNMISS, which is tasked with promoting peaceful coexistence among all communities across South Sudan.

UNMISS recently organized state-wide forum on the landmark United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and Security in Eastern Equatoria.

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The Rwanda Formed Police Unit in Malakal pictured during a medal parade honouring their contributions towards building durable peace in South Sudan. These UNPOL officers have set a benchmark for being agile, nimble and robust, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, and for promoting gender parity within its ranks. 31 women police officers currently serve with their male counterparts here.