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Chief Inspector Doreen Malambo from Zambia has been named the 2020 United Nations Woman Police Officer of the Year. She is currently serving as a Gender Adviser with UNMISS.

UNMISS protection of civilians peacekeepers Bangladesh Wau South Sudan peacekeeping peacekeepers

Peacekeepers from Bangladesh serving with the United Nations Mission in South Sudan provided essential medicines for more than 300 people in need at the Teaching Hospital in Wau, in the Western Bahr El Ghazel region of South Sudan.

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Eighteen South Sudanese women who have survived civil war, displacement and sexual violence build their skills every day at the UNMISS car washing bay where they ensure the mission's vehicles are in top condition to reach remote communities across the world's newest country.

UNMISS protection of civilians humanitarian attacks peacekeepers South Sudan peacekeeping peacekeepers Renk India

On the eve of UN Day 2020, UNMISS peacekeepers evacuate some 32 humanitarian workers following threats and violent attacks by youth groups in Renk, Upper Nile. The humanitarian staff are currently safe and under UNMISS protection.

David Shearer UNMISS South Sudan IDP camps POC Sites Bentiu Malakal peacekeepers peacekeeping COVID-19

From 14-16 October 2020, the Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General and Head of UNMISS, David Shearer, visited Bentiu and Malakal for the first time since the coronavirus-related lockdown in South Sudan. SRSG Shearer met with representatives of displaced communities, state officials and humanitarian partners.