Relief, Reintegration and Protection (RCO-RRP)

Who we are                   

The UN Resident Coordinator’s Office (RCO) is led by the UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator, who is also the UNMISS Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary-General (DSRSG/RC/HC). RCO is the link between the UN Country Team, UNMISS, donors and other stakeholders. 

The Relief, Reintegration and Protection (RRP) section is the mission’s focal point for management of Protection of Civilians’ (PoC) sites within UNMISS bases and supports the work of humanitarian organizations in South Sudan. RRP teams are present in each of the country’s 10 states.

What we do

RCO/RRP solicits international assistance or support for the South Sudanese people and fosters collaboration between development actors. It also guides strategic planning, communication and management of key development initiatives and promotes joint decisions within the UN Country Team.  
Since the onset of crisis in South Sudan in December 2013, more than 140,000 internally displaced persons (IDPs), as of June 2015, had sought protection in UNMISS bases. RCO/RRP mobilizes security and logistical support for humanitarian operations as well as Military and Civilian Defence Assets. It participates in integrated field assessments as well as fact-finding missions and provides analysis regarding protection-related issues.

In close collaboration with humanitarian partners, RRP supports voluntary relocation operations in POC sites by analyzing secure areas of relocation and identifying protection concerns of IDPs who leave PoC sites. 

In support of reintegration, RCO/RRP manages the conceptualization, planning and oversight of as well as reporting on UNMISS’ Quick Impact Projects (QIPs). These small-scale community projects contribute to critical infrastructure in host communities around PoC sites and in potential areas of return for IDPs. 

RRP engages in conflict mitigation and resolution through community meetings and liaison. The section also provides support in identifying and prioritizing protection concerns outside and inside PoC sites in close cooperation with protection partners. 

What we have achieved

In collaboration with the UN Country Team, we have developed a UN Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF), which maps out the UN’s support to South Sudan from 2014 to 2016. Its overarching strategic goal is to support basic services, peace and security as the necessary foundation for development, including resilience and economic opportunities for affected communities.
Through its presence in all 10 states, RCO/RRP supports humanitarian partners’ relief work and gathers information on protection needs, including for early warning, in and outside the state capitals and in at-risk, hard-to-reach areas. 

RCO/RRP has managed the UNMISS response to over 140,000 IDPs seeking protection in UNMISS bases across the country amidst armed conflict since December 2013. Under the leadership of RCO/RRP, humanitarian partners and UNMISS sections have worked closely together to provide IDPs living inside its bases with water, food, healthcare, engineering and other critical support under severe space and resource constraints.
Through targeted infrastructure projects (Quick Impact Projects), RCO/RRP has partnered with local populations and delivered tangible results throughout South Sudan in the areas of community-level education and health infrastructure improvements. Between 2013 and 2014, RCO/RRP facilitated implementation of over 30 Quick Impact Projects across the country.

The road ahead

RCO/RRP will continue to coordinate and support UN agencies in programming activities that aim to create a positive impact on the people of South Sudan with a focus on women’s rights, education, agriculture and conflict resolution.

RRP will remain UNMISS’ liaison for all issues related to Protection of Civilians sites.

Building on its prior work supporting returns of South Sudanese citizens from Sudan and its background in early recovery and community development work, RRP in partnership with humanitarian organizations will support the safe and voluntary return and reintegration of people affected by the current conflict, including those who have sought protection within UNMISS bases. 

RCO/RRP, in coordination with partners, will continue to support implementation of Quick Impact Projects.