Returnee households in Rumbek receive aid packages

9 Nov 2016

Returnee households in Rumbek receive aid packages

DATE:                         19.9.2016.
DURATION:   4:35 seconds.
LANGUAGE: English.
PRODUCER: Luka William Athiel.

Authorities in the Pibor region say they are working hard to promote peaceful co-existence among the bordering communities in greater Jonglei. In an exclusive interview with our correspondent Luka William Athiel the acting governor or Pibor Rachal Anok Omot explains in more detail.

DATE:                         19.9.2016.
DURATION:   4:35 seconds.
LANGUAGE: English.
PRODUCER: Luka William Athiel.

Authorities in the Pibor region say they are working hard to promote peaceful co-existence among the bordering communities in greater Jonglei. In an exclusive interview with our correspondent Luka William Athiel the acting governor or Pibor Rachal Anok Omot explains in more detail.

The workshop is organizes by Human Right Department in Bentiu with the aim to strengthen the capacity of the local authority including traditional leader and the law enforcement agencies.

Facilitators from HRD, CPU, Gender and PIO engaged with participants on the following topics; UNMISS/Human Rights Mandate, Basic Human Rights Principles, Bill of Rights in the Transitional Constitution of South Sudan with an emphasis on fair trial, right to litigation, due process and equality before the law), Child Rights, with a focus on age of criminal responsibility, children in contact or conflict with the law, issues related to child recruitment in armed forces and women rights

Speaking during the training work HRD officer Mr. Guy Merlin Njike says the workshop will help the law enforcement agencies to better know and understand their role and to ensure greater Human Right protection while performing their duties.

Guy says “The aim of this training is to enhance the capacity of traditional leaders, Police officers and some correction officers among you, our main focus during training how you can work and ensure greater Human Right protection either by the rule of law, by ensuring due processes, how you can be better equip to deal with these cases involving juveniles, how you can better work with those in your custody and how the traditional leaders can save the community in their respective traditional courts  while protecting and respecting bases human right principles”

 Gender Affairs Officer in Bentiu, Evana Mohamed Mousa told the participants that women deserve a great respect in the community and is entitle to have the same rights and responsibilities like men. He urges women to be more united and to speak out their voices.

Capt. David Matut, crime unit officer in charge say  despites many challenges they are facing, the level of crimes has reduced drastically as we are working according  to the law of the Republic of South Sudan and in accordance  and respect to human right.

Matut say “ I appreciated human rights workshop because they give us more information about human rights, because the rights should be maintain by the police and different security organs, we have members of the court, we have prisons we have police and other organized people… we are very happy to attend human right workshop today because we received some more  information about it.

He urge UNMISS to continue conducting human right workshops to strengthen the capacity of local chiefs and other law enforcement agencies who have little acknowledge about human right principles. 

Women union chairlady Ms. Teresa Bol Riam says my message to all women in Bentiu is that they can unit themselves, we are united, we sit together and to see what we can do so that we are not scatter….she stressed that “women are the victim throughout this conflict, without proper peace in place, women will continue to suffer.

The training Workshop was attended by over 30 participants including 9 women in Mayom Town.

Date: 11.10.2016
Duration: 3:45
Language: English
Producer: Sebit William

The World Food Programme (WFP) has resumed airdrops after a brief suspension directed by the government. WFP Communications Officer George Fominyen says the 5-day interruption was due to what he terms as a ‘misunderstanding regarding flight clearances.’  Fominyen says the misunderstandings have been cleared and drops resumed on Tuesday morning in Guum - Upper Nile and Pultruk - Jonglei.  The food being dropped benefit up to 28,000 people per day in the Greater Upper Nile and Greater Bahr el Ghazal areas. 

Date: 13.10.2016
Duration: 6:10
Language: English
Producer: Sebit William

Former first lady Rebecca Nyandeng de Mabior has expressed serious concern about the 'violence and insecurity that has gripped South Sudan'.

Noting that she has been closely monitoring developments in South Sudan from Nairobi, Rebecca Nyandeng says she is alarmed by the violence and revenge attacks targeting innocent civilians and appealed to ‘aggrieved’ parties to exercise restraint.

She urged the government and the citizens of South Sudan to desist from tribal and divisive politics and instead embrace a holistic and inclusive national dialogue for peace.

Rebecca Nyandeng, who is also a former presidential advisor, raised this and other concerns in a phone conversation today with Miraya Breakfast Show host, Sebit William.

Humanitarian partners have warned that a cholera outbreak has spread, affecting eight counties countrywide. The latest report from the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA) says a total of 2,539 cases and 38 deaths have been reported since the beginning of the year.  

The latest areas to confirm cases are Juba, Leer Town and Rubkona.

Health Link, an emergency response organization managing cholera response is urging the public to remain vigilant and report any suspected case to the Cholera Treatment Center at Juba Teaching Hospital or the nearest Oral Rehydration Point.

Dr. Jude Koma, the monitoring and evaluation officer with Health Link spoke to Radio Miraya reporter Regina Gorle. 

The security situation in Malakal of Upper Nile and adjacent areas is relatively calm after clashes between the SPLA and the Aguelek forces on west bank zones  near  Malakal   town on  14th  of  October.  According to the acting Malakal Minister of Information and Communication, Boruach Uluch Akolaton, life has come back to normal and the government institutions are operational including the schools and main market of Malakal town.

The UNMISS’s head of Field Office in Malakal  Hazel Dewet  urged  internal  displaced  Persons seeking refuge  at  the  UN  Protection  of  Civilians  site  to embrace the  spirit of  unity  peace and  reconciliation. Speaking during commemorative  event to mark the UN 71th anniversary in the POC site Dewet Said she will deal with those interested in creating violence in the UN Camp very severely.

 “I want  to  let  you  know  the  Malakal protection site, is where we will look after the people who have an interest in seeking protection and not violence. I  will like to register a very strong Message to everyone in this entire POC site, that those who are interest  in violence  that I shall deal with them very severely. The Protection site is a place where people seek protection and not violence.”

The Ecumenical group of religious leaders led by Catholic Archbishop Paulino Lukudu Loro, were at the Vatican in Rome last week, as part of the new efforts by the church to lobby support for the peace process in South Sudan.


At the Vatican, Arch Bishop Paolino Lukudu Loro, Bishop Daniel Deng Bul of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan and  Sudan, and Rev. Peter Gai Lual, of the Presbyterian Church of South Sudan met the Pope and briefed him on the situation in South Sudan. They also invited him to visit South Sudan in an effort to advance the peace process.


Bishop Daniel Deng Bul spoke to Miraya Breakfast show on Tuesday. He explained the purpose and outcome of the meeting with Pope Francis. 



“When youths are informed, they can make a positive change,” a youth activist told Miraya Breakfast show on Tuesday.

Soro Wilson Sebit, spoke of the need for a massive awareness about Agreement to resolve the conflict in South Sudan, so that the youths can contribute more positively to peace building.

The agreement was signed on 17 August 2015 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and 26 August 2015 in Juba, and ratified by the South Sudan National Legislative Assembly on 10 September 2015.

Slightly over one year on, Soro worries that the youths who form about 75 percent of the population have no idea of what the agreement is all about and are deeply divided along political lines.

 “Those of us who are informed, we cannot be moved anyhow, the problem is majority of the youth are not informed,” he said

Soro Sebit said “the young people must be informed that there is a future in the agreement.”

David Lukan began by asking how important it is for the youth to understand the Peace agreement.




More than 200 households in Rumbek have received emergency relief items from the International Committee of the Red Cross. 


The households targeted are of the families that returned from the Republic of Sudan shortly after the country gained its independence in 2011.


The packages include blankets, buckets, sanitary kits, jerry-cans and other household items. 


“Our partners, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) will also build more than 200 structures to replace the plastic sheets we have been distributing for shelter,” said Makur Mabor Tungthon, the Red Cross branch director in Rumbek.