Abducted women and children coming home

3 Sep 2012

Abducted women and children coming home

Prisoners of feuding youth in Jonglei State for almost five months, an elated Dole Koroko and her two-year-old son recently stepped off an UNMISS helicopter to freedom in Pibor.

Abducted in January by Lou Nuer armed youth who attacked the Murle village of Lukongole, Ms. Koroko and her boy were rescued by Sudan People's Liberation Army soldiers in Uror County during civilian disarmament in May.

"I would like to thank those who rescued me alive," she said. "I was thinking day and night about my village and parents ... and almost lost hope of seeing (them)."

Ms. Koroko recovered from what she called her "traumatic" captivity at a centre run by the Ministry of Social Welfare in the state capital Bor, before returning home to Pibor County on 12 July.