Armed group attacks Radio Jonglei FM

5 Jul 2012

Armed group attacks Radio Jonglei FM

4 July 2012 - A group of unknown armed men attacked a Jonglei radio station yesterday evening, injuring no one but looting vital production equipment, the station said.

The attackers broke all four doors to the building and then stole property inside the studio and offices, according to Radio Jonglei FM station manager Malek Gutnyin.

"They took the sound system ... then some of the recorders and ... machines for conducting interviews," he said.

Mr. Gutnyin urged Jonglei State government to protect radio staff and called on the state Minister for Physical Infrastructure to fence the station's property.

Deng Nhial Deng, of the Jonglei State police Department of Information, said it was their duty to protect everyone in the state. Efforts were being made to guard the radio station and a thorough investigation of the incident would occur.

But he said the police had no clear information as yet about the attack or perpetrators.

Radio Jonglei presenter Mach Samuel Peter said the state government had paid the station little attention since it was set up in 2010. He called on the state Ministry of Information and Communication to provide the radio with equipment as well as protection and state security operators to give them full access to information.

"We need full security because we educate the general public ... therefore we need to be protected," said Mr. Peter. "Policeman are supposed to be there at any time of the day or night."

Radio Jonglei FM was established in March 2010 with equipment donated by the Christian Missionary Church. Its broadcasts consist of 30 per cent church programmes and 70 per cent state government activities.

The radio's 15 local reporters are paid with the proceeds of public announcements and through donations.