Bangladeshi engineering troops bring football joy to Makpandu, Western Equatoria State

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People around the world want to play football. In Makpandu, Western Equatoria State, that dream came true thanks to UNMISS engineering troops from Bangladesh.

18 Jan 2022

Bangladeshi engineering troops bring football joy to Makpandu, Western Equatoria State

Filip Andersson

There is a reason football is the world’s most popular sport: the beautiful game can be played almost everywhere.

In Makpandu in Western Equatoria State, it used to be the word “almost” that defined the situation for boys and girls attending primary and secondary school, and everyone else in the community.

That’s when Bangladeshi peacekeepers serving with the United Nations Mission in South Sudan stepped in and up: they prepared a football ground in the area, played a friendly against the local team and handed over two sets of jerseys, footballs, a couple of trophies and a South Sudanese flag to the schools.

Our club is rich now: we had nothing a few days back, but now we have a football field. There will be a few big players coming from here soon,” promised Baraka Veko Timothee, representing Makpandu Football Club in the friendly match against the engineering troops.

They have indeed endeared themselves to the local youth, including their chairperson, Moses Kinasegu Fanika.

We are very happy for your support. For as long as we will be able to play here, we will remember you. I also thank you for what you have done for our schools,” he said.

The payam (administrative division) administrator, Clement Pasio Tustu, also relished the special moment. He recalled that the peacekeeping mission has also rehabilitated the vital road between Mundri and Yambio.

Many thanks to all. Now we can go to Yambio in less time, and a football field was also very much needed. When we were told that a football ground was going to be prepared, we were so happy. If you need anything, let me know. My people are ready to help,” the grateful administrator pledged.