Bangladeshi peacekeepers improve education for Wau children by training their teachers

13 Feb 2020

Bangladeshi peacekeepers improve education for Wau children by training their teachers

Alahayi Nemaya

Bangladeshi peacekeepers have taken time out from their official duties protecting civilians in Wau to help improve the education system for local children by training their teachers.

The contingent worked with 58 teachers over two weeks to enhance their understanding of modern educational processes as well as their English language skills. They were particularly motivated by a desire to ensure that children living in the United Nations protection site have access to the best education possible. 

‘’I learnt how to deal with the physiology of a pupil – something I did not learn during my teacher training at university in Uganda,’’ said Bederia Edward from New Site primary school in Wau town. ‘’I also learnt the four main skills of teaching English: learning, writing, speaking and listening where I previously thought it was just about writing and speaking.”

Bederia encouraged her fellow teachers to continue their training throughout their careers to ensure their skills are constantly refreshed.

The Sector West commander for the United Nations Mission in South Sudan, Brigadier General Wang Chuanjin, told the teachers during the training that they play a vital role in ensuring children get the opportunity to reach their full potential in life.

‘’If our children are educated, they will work for the peace, prosperity and development of this country,’’ he said. ‘’So, this country counts on you, your contribution, your dedication to educate our children. The future of South Sudan lies in your hands.’’ 

The Director of General Education in Wau, Donato Ugali, acknowledged the support of the Bangladeshi peacekeepers.

‘’These peacekeepers have put down their guns to distribute books and teach you,’’ he told the teachers. “The only way to achieve peace is through education. That’s why they are training you to educate the pupils to achieve peace.’’

Last year, the Bangladeshi contingent distributed thousands of exercise and textbooks to schools in Wau in partnership with the Ministry of General Education to help improve the local education system.