Bentiu-based medical contingent from Vietnam receive UN medals for outstanding service

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Vietnamese peacekeepers parading before receiving UN medals for their mostly medical services in and around Bentiu. Photos:Luk Riek Nyak/UNMISS

17 Mar 2022

Bentiu-based medical contingent from Vietnam receive UN medals for outstanding service

Luk Riek Nyak

UNITY STATE – Beginning their service with the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) in October 2018, the different rotations of medical contingents from Vietnam’s army have since then made quite an impression in Bentiu, where they have been primarily based.

The efforts of the current crop of 63 peacekeepers, thirteen of whom are women, were recently recognized as the troops were awarded UN medals for their outstanding work in the name of peace.

“Both your professionalism and your commitment have been clear for all to see, despite often challenging circumstances, not least severe floods and a third wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. The Mission is very proud of you and your achievements,” said Brigadier General Dhananjay Joshi, UNMISS Acting Force Commander.

The Vietnamese peacekeepers are running a hospital in Bentiu, providing UN staff and members of the host community with high quality care and treatment. Their role in preventing sometimes flood-induced infectious diseases from spreading has been vital, as have their other contributions towards environmental protection.

“During your thirteen months of services you have provided medical services to some 12,000 people in a professional manner, and we are confident that the contingent scheduled to replace you in two months will keep up your great work,” said Colonel Waleed Elazizy, an UNMISS Force Medical Officer present at the ceremony, adding that the medal recipients’ hard work has made a great difference, effectively contributing the fulfillment of the peacekeeping mission’s mandate.