Civilians and organized forces form joint working group to protect civilians in Bangasu

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An early warning working group to protect civilians and property has been formed in Bangasu in Yambio County to help authorities take proactive measures against security threats. Photo by Phillip Mbugo/UNMISS.

25 Mar 2024

Civilians and organized forces form joint working group to protect civilians in Bangasu

Phillip Mbugo

WESTERN EQUATORIA – Addressing the impact of insecurity on the lives and livelihoods of local communities remains a priority for residents of Bangasu in Yambio County.

To improve the relationship between uniformed personnel and civilians, seventeen representatives of organized forces and the local community, including refugees and returnees, have formed an early warning working group hoped to better protect civilians and their property.

This group was established after the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) organized a two-day workshop to raise awareness about protection matters, the revitalized peace agreement, and the UNMISS mandate.

Miamangawai Luize, a youth leader in the area, was happy about learning more about his community’s role in peacebuilding and debunking misinformation.

“I have also gained knowledge about the process leading up to the upcoming December 2024 and related protection issues,” he said.

Luiza Mina, a refugee attending the workshop, was delighted to hear about how she can contribute to the safety of her host community.

“This is the first training I attend and now I will educate my fellow refugees on how to work to keep everyone safe,” she said. 

Tahiru Ibrahim, an UNMISS representative, said that the UN Peacekeeping mission is planning to replicate this activity across Western Equatoria.

“I think this kind of protection groups will help the authorities receive early security alerts that will help them act to deter violence and curb crimes,” he averred.