DDR concludes brick-molding project in Jonglei

10 Jun 2013

DDR concludes brick-molding project in Jonglei

10 June 2013 - Concluding a brick-molding project today in Pariak, Jonglei State, UNMISS and the state government handed out buckets, carpets, wheelbarrows, shovels, brick molds, helmets, gumboots and gloves to 38 participants.

The brick project, begun in November 2012, was carried out in coordination with the South Sudan Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration Commission (SSDDRC), according to UNMISS DDDR Jonglei Coordinator Olaide Omideyi.

A training officer from the River Nile Institute, Ogeto Kennedy, who helped implement the project, said 38 of the original 50 participants had graduated with certificates and received tools.

Participants had produced 20,000 bricks and were currently looking for a market to sell them, he said.

Jonglei State SSDDRC Director Michael Malual noted that jobless women could help their families through the project.

"Women (were) the target of this training," he said. "Now that it is finished ... they will be able to work on their own to produce ... bricks and sell (them) at the market or use them for building their houses."

Participant Mary Nyanwut said she would use the tools to continue making bricks. "I am happy that we shall go home with our tools. These will help us continue ... to help our children and families."

The project was oneof five UNMISS DDR-organized livelihood activities. Other groups are focusing on poultry farming, shop managementand (two) on vegetable growing.