Displaced in Bor receive life-saving aid

27 Dec 2011

Displaced in Bor receive life-saving aid

27 December 2011 – Following a vicious cycle of attacks in Jonglei State, UN agencies and national as well as international organizations have been assisting the displaced victims.

About 7,177 internally displaced persons (IDPs) from Twic East and Bor counties had arrived in the latter county, according to its Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (RRC) coordinator, James Jok Alier.

The displaced, mainly women, children and elderly people, were staying at the RRC's compound in Bor town.

Among food items given to IDPs were cereals, beans, vegetable oil and salt. Each person received 6.75 kilograms of cereals, 0.75 kilograms of beans, 0.45 kilograms of vegetable oil and 0.15 kilograms of salt per day for fifteen days.

They also received non-food items (NFIs) like carpets, blankets, jerry cans, saucepans, plates, mosquito nets, bars of soap and cups, Mr. Alier said, adding that food would be issued to IDPs for an additional 15 days.

Although he appreciated the support, IDP Deng Lueth said the food ration was too meager for a family to have two meals per day and asked for an increase in portions.

For Ayor Wuoi, life was no longer the same, as she had lost her husband during the attack on Kapaat village and was now looking after four children on her own.

"My husband used to hunt animals to feed our children," Ms Wuoi said. "I do not know how I can manage the children, now that my husband is no more."

When asked where they slept, Mr. Lueth said that they had nothing yet. "We do not have anyplace to put our carpets at the moment. How you see us staying now is how we are going to sleep."

RRC County Coordinator Alier said the state was already seeking secure land for the IDPs, and that those who had relatives in the area could temporarily stay with them.

Agencies involved in the effort include the Food and Agriculture Organization, World Food Programme, UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, UNMISS, South Sudan Red Cross, Save the Children-Japan and Adventist Development Relief Agency (ADRA).

A Twic East County youth association had also contributed several NFIs, such as blankets, saucepans, jerry cans, plates, and spoons to support the IDPs.