Displaced youth in Wau receive sports equipment from Bangladeshi peacekeepers

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Youth residing in the Naivasha camp for displaced people recently received sports equipment and clothes from Bangladeshi peacekeepers serving with UNMISS. Photo by Jimmy Ludanga/UNMISS

1 Oct 2021

Displaced youth in Wau receive sports equipment from Bangladeshi peacekeepers

Jimmy Ludanga

Peacekeepers from Bangladesh serving with the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) recently handed over sports equipment and clothes to young displaced people residing in the Naivasha camp for internally displaced persons in Wau.

With COVID-19 casting a barrier against group activities, many young people have felt the lack of a healthy outlet for their energy. This support provided by Bangladeshi peacekeepers is, thus, timely, and was welcomed by all.

“I am very excited about receiving sports equipment from UNMISS,” said Michael Edward Bindu, a resident of the camp. “Because of the ongoing pandemic, we have had an elongated break from any education and being engaged in sports enables us to use our time constructively and prevents youth from falling prey to bad habits or indulging in petty crimes.”

For his part, Lieutenant Colonel Jangir Alam, CIMIC officer, UNMISS, highlighted the importance of education and peaceful coexistence.

“Education is the first step for young children to gain knowledge, understand critical thinking and acquire the skills they need to shape a prosperous, economically stable future for themselves. This handover is a small gesture on our part as peacekeepers to keep young people engaged in constructive activities that promote unity and coexistence,” stated the Lieutenant Colonel

For his part, James Deng Apai, Chairperson of the IDP camp assured peacekeepers that young people residing here will make the best possible use of the items.

“Such gestures from international partners like UNMISS motivate us to renew our emphasis on education. Every item received will benefit the entire community,” he said.