Ex-combatants receive tools to restart lives

4 Nov 2013

Ex-combatants receive tools to restart lives

1 November 2013 - Some 50 ex-soldiers in Rumbek, Lakes State, received “toolkits” today of materials they needed to begin new lives as farmers, auto mechanics, carpenters or masons.

The distribution was carried out by the state Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration Commission and monitored by UNMISS DDR section.

The kits contained materials like mechanics tools, ox-ploughs, seeds, hoes, wheel barrows, axes, watering cans and pangas.

Marial Madol of Rumbek Central County, who left the army due to a disability, said he had chosen agriculture because he thought it would improve his life. “The best solution is to use my own energy to feed myself, despite being disabled.”

Another former combatant, Maker Roor Ngong of Rumbek East, said he would encourage members of the local community to become self-employed by doing carpentry work.

''I will do carpentry work like making beds, small chairs, tables, cupboards and even doors,” Mr. Ngong said. “If houses … are lacking doors or (they are) damaged … these (will be) my duty.''

Director of Monitoring and Evaluation in the national DDR Commission Rev. Kamillo Loku said recipients of the toolkits, who had graduated from the UN-supported Mapel training facility, could now support development.

“These people are coming from the field as military,” the DDR director said. “They should come and do something … in developing the country.”

Urging communities to welcome ex-combatants, he said toolkits would also be delivered in Greater Yirol, once road conditions improved.