Floods displace hundreds of people in Bor

4 Sep 2013

Floods displace hundreds of people in Bor

3 September 2013 - Seeking to assist the state government with heavy rains that had displaced residents in the Jonglei State capital Bor, South Korean peacekeepers constructed new dikes on the banks of the River Nile today.

Led by Col. Ko Dongjun, commander of the UNMISS Korean Engineering Unit, some 35 peacekeepers reconstructed the dikes to prevent more flooding.

The heavy rains had displaced hundreds of people from their homes, Acting State Governor Gabriel Gai Reim said in a press statement.

"Over 1,000 families have been affected by this devastating flood," he said. "We are appealing to our partners .... to come in .... so that (together) we can do something more tangible that can help our people."

Speaking to UN Radio Miraya, Mr. Reim said the government would make every effort to bring the situation under control by digging emergency water channels.

More than 400 houses had been destroyed in the Panlieth area of Bor town after the river burst its banks, the radio reported, adding that the floods had affected thousands of people in several other states.

A ministerial committee appointed to assess damage caused by flooding across the country was in Warrap State, according to the radio, but its work had been hampered by rains making it difficult to access affected areas.

County Commissioner Malek Ring of Twic County, Warrap State, said more than 24,000 households in the county had been submerged by floods.