Government officials in Ruweng Administrative Area pledge to cooperate with UNMISS, promote peace and reconciliation

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60 participants drawn from a cross-section of local authorities and influencers, including women and youth, in Ruweng Administrative Area attended an awareness raising session facilitated by UNMISS to inform stakeholders about its mandate in South Sudan and build public trust. Photo by Jacob Ruai/UNMISS.

12 Nov 2021

Government officials in Ruweng Administrative Area pledge to cooperate with UNMISS, promote peace and reconciliation

Jacob Ruai

 “Understanding the mandate of the United Nations Mission in South Sudan will improve our working relationship with peacekeepers on the ground,” said Mijok Miabek Gum, Commissioner of Jau county in Ruweng Administrative Area. 

“This will help us protect our own communities better,” he added. “As South Sudanese, we have suffered enormously from unceasing conflict. It is now time that we join forces with our peace partners and actively usher in a peaceful, prosperous future for ourselves and generations to come.”

Commissioner Gum was speaking at a day-long workshop organized by the UN Peacekeeping mission to raise awareness among local stakeholders on its mandated role in South Sudan as well as to build public trust and confidence.

More than 60 government officials, traditional and community leaders, military commanders, police officers, county commissioners, youth and women’s representatives attended this interactive session. Participants were drawn from all eight counties in Ruweng Administrative Area.

For Peter Jau Mayil, Deputy Chief Administrator, Blue Helmets have restored calm, stability and are a much-appreciated presence on the ground.

“When we see UNMISS peacekeepers from Mongolia in Pariang, we know that we are safe. Our communities sleep peacefully at night and have gained confidence,” he averred.

Mr. Mayil’s ask: deploying civilian peacekeepers to Ruweng for continued cooperation with the mission. “Being able to engage proactively with civilian peacekeepers would help us nip issues and tensions in the bud, thereby ensuring a sustained peace for all residents.

For their part, women’s representatives highlighted their key role as peacemakers and in mitigating conflict.

“Women can play a great role in maintaining security in their communities. We are at the heart of our families, can influence our children to focus on education and steer them away from any form of violence,” said Nyasunday Rial Nyang, Minister of Local Government and Law Enforcement.

“The involvement of women in protecting community members is vital because they can provide relevant, timely information to authorities on any threat to security and stability,” she added, calling for more representation and involvement of women in key peace and security issues.

Ruweng Administrative Area was established in February 2020 when South Sudan went from 32 to 10 states.

UNMISS is an impartial peacekeeping mission that was first established by the United Nations Security Council on 9 July 2011 when the Republic of South Sudan became the world’s newest nation.