Hundreds of people in Bentiu observed World Water Day

World Water Day observed by hundreds in Bentiu South Sudan

Residents in Leer County are hardly spoiled when it comes to access to clean, safe water. UNICEF and other humanitarian organizations are working hard to improve the situation.

22 Mar 2017

Hundreds of people in Bentiu observed World Water Day

Jacob Ruai

Hundreds of people including school children in Bentiu gathered today to celebrate World Water Day, commemorated every year on 22 March. The focus of the day is on the importance of universal access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) facilities in developing countries.

In Bentiu, the celebration was organized by Concern Worldwide, UNICEF and other humanitarian partners.

Speaking during the celebration in Bentiu, the UNICEF WASH coordinator in the Unity area, Elizabeth Mose, emphasized that UNICEF is committed to provide safe and clean drinking water to the South Sudanese population.

She added that UNICEF is currently working together with humanitarian partners, on a project that will provide safe and clean drinking water to the people in Bentiu town, something that has been largely missing since the outbreak of the conflict in the country in 2013.

Looking ahead, Ms. Mose also assured those in attendance that UNICEF will continue its efforts, together with authorities and partners, to make sure that safe water will be available “to every child, wherever they are.”



Joseph Waithaka, WASH Coordinator at the Bentiu office for the non-governmental organization Concern Worldwide, co-organizer of today’s event together with UNICEF, advised the community to use water wisely. He also spoke about efforts to make water in rural areas safe for human use.