IDPs in Wau demand Security in order to return to their homes

IDP's voicing their concerns in Wau

A IDP from the UNMISS Protection of Civilians site in Wau talking to National Minister of Agriculture Kornelio Kon

4 Jan 2017

IDPs in Wau demand Security in order to return to their homes

Ali Surur

The Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in UNMISS Wau are demanding for safety for them to go back to their homes. The IDPs in UNMISS Protection Site of Civilians (POCs) said that, though Wau is relatively calm; they will still be affected by violence in other parts of the country.

“This issue of going back home, we are against it even if Taban Deng Gai or Salva Kiir was to come. Let them implement the Addis Ababa agreement. The issue of security in Wau is a national concern that must be addressed nationally. The Addis Ababa agreement must be implementation this is the only solution.” A 53 years old Wadal-Alemin one of the POC leaders.

He said he is from Wau but he came to the IDPs Camp due to the failure of the implementation of the Addis Ababa agreement, which is negatively affecting them.

“If we go back what will you give us, economically it is bad, educationally very bad, militarily very bad everything is going on wrong direction. A teacher gets 250SSP as salary this is only for buying water. If we go to dig, we are attacked and above all; we have nothing to start, what will you do?”

Doreen Joseph Lisa women representative in the POC said, people have been dying in the suburbs that is why we came to POCs.

“This issue is ours as women, these children who are dying are ours and women are facing many problems. We want to go home but no one should tell us to go back home but we want to see if the peace agreement is implemented, we will just walk out from here (POC) camps without you telling us to go back home. Yes we are suffering but you implement the peace agreement.”

Peter Ismail a tribal chief from Bicillia said, the communities are badly affected and the government still wants them to go back to their home at this time.

“We came here in POCs because we wanted our souls we have left everything behind the government is saying go back go back what is this? If the peace agreement is implemented everybody will go home.”

We don’t have security for ourselves. Children are dying women too are dying, our food are looted by carrying guns. No security, it is impossible for us to go back home now.

“How do we go back home when armed men are staying in our houses, how shall we go to cultivate when armed men are moving around? Where shall we stay? We shall stay here we will produce children here, marry here and do everything here in UNMISS (POCs).” Said Peter Mao Erneo Maktab

Peter said that, George Kongor is a man who can take the IDPs home once he comes here.

“If George Kongor can come to Wau now and talk to us IDPs about peace all the people of Wau will support him and listen to him because he is a man of all the people. Mr. Minister, you don’t have security and you are telling us to go back home? A minister was killed here at his home with all the escorts. We the poor people don’t have security and can we go home, impossible.”

The National Minister of Agriculture and Food Security says it is the right of the citizens who are staying within the Protection of Civilian Sites (POCs).

Honourable Kornelio Kon added that people have gone to the POCs in UNMISS because they feel it is not safe for them to stay in the town.

He also commended the efforts exerted by UNMISS and Humanitarian agencies for providing the IDPS with essential needs.

Hon. Kornelio was speaking to Internally Displaced persons (IDPs) during a visit to address and listen to POCs in UNMISS Wau.