Indian battalion treats livestock in Upper Nile

14 Oct 2013

Indian battalion treats livestock in Upper Nile

12 October 2013 - Recognizing the value of livestock to residents of Panyikang County, Upper Nile State, UNMISS Indian Battalion today held a free veterinary camp in Nagdiar Payam (district).

Led by Lt. Col. Venkatesh Kumar, the team dewormed 844 cattle, sprayed the animals with drugs to provide relief from pests and treated them for poor health.

“We provided multivitamins, minerals, liver tonics and appetizers to improve the health of weak, debilitated and malnourished animals,” he said. “We also advised livestock owners on best animal management practices and prevention and control of various diseases prevalent in the region.”

The support was timely, coming at the peak of the rainy season when animals were suffering from many ailments, including infestation with parasitic worms, malnourishment and tick fever, said Ojwok Deng, head of the payam.

“On a day with continuous rainfall, (the Indian Battalion) performed their role efficiently in spite of all the difficulties,” said George Kwaish, a livestock owner.

Lt. Col. Kumar said the assistance was vital, as livestock keeping is the main source of livelihood in Panyikang County, a remote area facing several challenges, including lack of adequate infrastructure, education and health care.