Jonglei official urges Lou Nuer to stay peaceful

19 Mar 2013

Jonglei official urges Lou Nuer to stay peaceful

15 March 2013 - In the wake of recent conflict in Jonglei, a senior state official urged an Uror County Lou Nuer community today to live peacefully with its neighbours and refrain from fighting.

State Minister for Cabinet and Parliamentarian Affairs Gabriel Gai was speaking at Pathai Payam to a delegation led by Uror County Commissioner Simon Hoth.

Commissioner Hoth noted that two cattle raids had occurred recently, some of the animals had been recovered and that one of the pursuers had been wounded. But he added that the situation was now calm.

"Despite all these incidences of cattle raiding, I would like to tell our communities not to panic ... we are still investigating the matter," Mr. Hoth said.

Responding to the community's request for food, Minister Gai said he would consult with non-governmental organizations about the need to address shortages in the area.

Accompanying the minister were several senior state officials and representatives of UNMISS, including Civil Affairs Officer Emmanuel Dukundane. The mission provided helicopter transport for the trip.

State Minister of Health Jehan Mechak noted that Pathai needed health facilities as well as a road to transport such services.

"I know that there is lack of medical services in this area," Minister Mechak said. "We are going to help you people by bringing drugs here."