Legal actors learn rule of law in Rumbek

24 May 2014

Legal actors learn rule of law in Rumbek

23 May 2014 - To educate relevant actors about the importance of rule of law in the young nation, UNMISS coordinated a monthly Rule of Law Forum today in the Lakes State capital Rumbek.

The aim of the Forum was to discuss issues related to rule of law with main stakeholders, including the judiciary, civil society organizations, police and Legislative Assembly.

“Rule of Law is for everybody,” said Forum Chairperson Judge Biay Matet Ayoul. “Every institution and also every citizen should know what Rule of Law implies. That is why also civil society organizations attend the Forum. They can disseminate the information to the population.”

The Forum discussed key issues like insecurity due to armed groups, prolonged and arbitrary detention, the conflict between customary and statutory law and shortage of justice personnel. Participants agreed that the need for rule of law in addressing these would be brought to the attention of the key actors.

“South Sudan is a new nation,” said Director for Traditional Authority Kuot Ater Riak, opening the Forum. “The institutions are weak, and many things are not going accordingly. Therefore these kind of workshops are important so we learn what should been done when it comes to rule of law.”