Malakal civil society trained in economic rights

1 Oct 2012

Malakal civil society trained in economic rights

28 September 2012 - In helping to ensure that governments acted wisely in such areas as budget allocation, UNMISS Human Rights today completed a two-day training in related human rights for Upper Nile State civil society organizations.
The workshop in the capital Malakal focused on economic, social and cultural rights.

"Members of these civil society organizations should be able to monitor and advocate for monetary allocation by the government," said UNMISS Human Rights Officer Sonny Onyegbula.

Among other tools, trainees were taught to follow state budget allocations to ensure they went to earmarked areas. They also learned to monitor pupils' enrollment in basic schools, comparing current and previous years for changes in intake and seeking reasons for any decreases.

UNMISS Human Rights aims to empower South Sudanese to monitor and report human rights. It also works to assist them with sensitization and community awareness-raising, so that they can identify, assert and demand protection of their rights.