Melut IDPs stress vital need for peace and reconciliation

27 May 2014

Melut IDPs stress vital need for peace and reconciliation

26 May 2014 - Ethnic communities must live together peacefully and truly reconcile to recover from the horror and trauma of war, according to Mary Nyaloth Lony.

Separated from her husband during the South Sudan conflict, Ms. Lony is one of more than 1,000 internally displaced persons (IDPs) living at the UNMISS protection area in Melut county, Upper Nile State.

“I walked with my children all the way from Pigi County in northern Jonglei State to Melut,” she said. “It was not easy at all and for me. That itself is a trauma.”

She called on South Sudanese to make reconciliation a road map for stability in the country. “People should know that peace is vital for the future of this land.”

Ms. Nyaloth made these statements after attending a four-day training in conflict management, peace and reconciliation, which concluded recently at UNMISS Melut.

The training brought together 60 participants, including women, youth and elders from the IDP community. The activity was jointly organized by UNMISS Civil Affairs, Human Rights and Gender units.

Participant Gatluak Liep Kuoth said the training shed more light on the need for reconciliation among South Sudanese communities.

“We need reconciliation for our survival as a nation and that is the only way forward,” said Mr. Kuoth, a former employee of Dar Oil Company in Paloich.

UNMISS Civil Affairs in Upper Nile have been conducting a series of trainings on conflict management, peace and reconciliation for IDPs in UNMISS bases.