Mongolian peacekeepers restore calm and stability in conflict-ridden Mayom

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Force Commander Shailesh Tinaikar recently visited the UNMISS temporary operating base in Mayom, Unity state, to assess the security conditions on the ground. Peacekeepers from Mongolia stationed here continue to patrol and build confidence among community members following an outbreak of intercommunal conflict, revenge attacks and cattle raids last year.

18 Feb 2021

Mongolian peacekeepers restore calm and stability in conflict-ridden Mayom

“2020 was a bad year for everybody living here since we were caught in a vicious cycle of intercommunal clashes, revenge attacks and cattle raids,” said Gadet Madut, county commissioner in Mayom, Unity state, South Sudan. “Many people were killed and most of us lost valuable livestock.”

 “However, ever since UNMISS peacekeepers started patrolling and engaging with communities living here, the situation is much better. We can move freely and go about our daily tasks without fear,” he added.

Commissioner Madut was speaking to Lieutenant-General Shailesh Tinaikar, UNMISS Force Commander, who recently visited the peacekeeping mission’s temporary base in the county.

“When we started receiving reports of the situation in Mayom, we immediately mobilized our troops,” revealed the Force Commander. “Peacekeepers from Mongolia established a temporary base here in January and focused on reducing tensions as well as preventing further outbreaks of conflict. I’m pleased to see that, in just a few weeks, the security situation on the ground appears to be much better.”

UNMISS peacekeepers have also conducted several activities designed to meet urgent community needs, including distributing educational materials to various schools, essential medical supplies to the hospital and, also, clearing unexploded ordnance with help from the United Nations Mine Action Service (UNMAS)

“Building confidence among communities who have suffered violence is key as they require support to re-start their lives and daily routines,” averred Force Commander Tinaikar as he handed over essential medicines to county officials for the local hospital. “This sort of community engagement not only helps people but also increases their faith in opting for peaceful reconciliation over violence when it comes to resolving disputes.”

During his day-long trip, Lieutenant-General Tinaikar also met with local uniformed officials who highlighted the need for comprehensive disarmament as one of the main long-term solutions to recurring fighting while appreciating the mission for its swift and timely response in quelling violence.

 “UNMISS as a mission continues to build durable peace for all communities across South Sudan; being able to swiftly and effectively address emergency protection needs remains an important goal for us if the South Sudanese people are to collectively move forward towards a peaceful, prosperous future,” stated the Force Commander.

“The work being done by our peacekeepers on the ground here in Mayom is proof that temporary, mobile bases are increasing our ability to have boots on the ground where people need our protection the most.”