New peace agreement to heal victims of war – Gok youth

26 Sep 2018

New peace agreement to heal victims of war – Gok youth

Peter Ring Ariik KUOL

Young people in the Gok area of South Sudan believe the recently-signed revitalized peace agreement is a significant step forward in the process of ending violence and the enormous suffering of the country’s people.

This strong belief in the peace agreement was expressed at a roundtable discussion on promotion and protection of human rights, organized by Human Rights Division of the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS).

“The signed peace agreement is a way forward,” said Gabriel Maluach Yak, the deputy chairperson of the Gok State Youth Union, during the roundtable on Wednesday.

“This peace will offer us a chance to advocate for the rights of children, women and [the] elderly who suffered a lot as result of the July 2016 war. We are now in a position to protect rights of vulnerable people because we have the right to live, to education and we have [the] right to health,” Mr. Yak emphasized.

Another participant in the discussion, Ms. Tabitha Akur Majok, stated that peace is a human right, appealing to the government and opposition parties to respect and implement the revitalized peace agreement.

“Peace is one of our important rights. If all the parties – the government and opposition groups – give this peace a chance, our people will reconcile and peacefully coexist as brothers and sisters,” Tabitha said.

UNMISS Human Rights Officer, Nyinypiu Rekeboam Madit, said human rights violations and lack of accountability for such violations are often drivers of conflict. Monitoring human rights, he added, could provide early warning of and help prevent destabilization of societies.