UNMISS South Sudan Peacekeepers COVID-19 Coronavirus Peacekeeping Jordan Women's Day

Captain Ahlam Al-Habahbeh from Jordan is currently deployed as an UNPOL officer with UNMISS. Ahlam works with her team to build capacities among local counterparts from the South Sudan National Police Service in dealing with cases of sexual- and gender-based violence. Photo by Gregorio Cunha/UNMISS.

UNMISS South Sudan Peacekeepers COVID-19 Peacekeeping Women's Day Malawi

Atupele Mbewe hails from southern Malawi and is currently deployed to UNMISS. In her current role as a Civil-Military or CIMIC Coordination Officer, she works with military and civilian colleagues to coordinate all logistic aspects of regular patrols and humanitarian assistance convoys. Photo by Gregorio Cunha/UNMISS.

UNMISS protection of civilians female peacekeepers women South Sudan peacekeeping International Women's Day

All-women peacekeeping teams across South Sudan are having an immediate impact in forging connections with women and children in the world's newest country, especially as it battles the global COVID-19 pandemic.

UNMISS protection of civilians protection Koch temporary operating base peacekeepers South Sudan peacekeeping armed clashes

UNMISS peacekeepers from Ghana stationed at a nearby temporary operating base are patrolling in and around Jahjah village in Koch county after a recent armed clash here.

UNMISS protection of civilians intercommunal clashes peacekeepers South Sudan peacekeeping Mongolia cattle raids revenge attacks Mayom

Force Commander Shailesh Tinaikar recently visited the UNMISS temporary operating base in Mayom, Unity state, to assess the security conditions on the ground. Peacekeepers from Mongolia stationed here continue to patrol and build confidence among community members following an outbreak of intercommunal conflict, revenge attacks and cattle raids last year.

UNMISS reconciliation COVID-19 peacekeepers peacekeeping protection of civilians Gumuruk Jonglei India South Sudan intercommunal violence cattle raids

Indian peacekeepers from UNMISS have set up a temporary base in Gumuruk in the Jonglei region of South Sudan to reduce intercommunal tensions and build confidence among local communities here. Force Commander Shailesh Tinaikar visited Gumuruk on 10 Febriary 2020 to assess the security situation and meet with local leaders and community members.