Parties attend good governance forum in Warrap

16 May 2014

Parties attend good governance forum in Warrap

15 May 2014 - Seeking to create political space and awareness about good governance, UNMISS held a one-day workshop in the Warrap capital Kuajok today for political party and civil society leaders.

Under the theme “Inclusive Participation in Good Governance”, the forum drew 50 participants from the state’s seven political parties and various civil society groups.

Addressing participants, UNMISS State Coordinator Abraham Onifade urged civil society and political parties in Warrap to rebuild trust among themselves and allow democracy in the country.

“Good governance is very important for us, irrespective of our political parties, irrespective of our afflictions,” Mr. Onifade said. “All of us must participate -- men, women, young, old, youth, and children --- … must not allow violence. When there is peace, there is security and there will be development.”

Civil Affairs officer Stella Abayomi said the forum aimed to create interaction between party leaders and civil society leaders in the state and build a platform for debating issues. “In a sense, we aim to create political space so that every stakeholder can be represented.”