Partners ready to relocate IDPs in Malakal

14 May 2014

Partners ready to relocate IDPs in Malakal

12 May 2014 - Work on a new civilian protection area had almost been completed at the UNMISS base in the Upper Nile State capital Malakal, a high-level UN military official said today.

Brigadier General Hugh Van Roosen, UN senior adviser for surge deployment operations, was in Malakal for a one-day visit to assess Upper Nile’s overall security situation, preparations for the arrival of Rwandan troops to the base and progress on the new protection site.

He met with Sudan People’s Liberation Army Commander General Johnson Gony Billiew, who updated him on security in Upper Nile State and internally displaced persons (IDPs). Gen. Van Roosen also held closed-door meetings with UNMISS senior military officials.

“I am impressed indeed by the progress of work in the new PoC (protection of civilians) site, which IDPs will be located to it in a few days to come,” he said. “It is (also) good to see the … accommodation set for our Rwanbatt (Rwandan Battalion) in Malakal.”

Work on the PoC site wall is in its last stages and needed facilities, including street lighting, has been installed by UNMISS and partners.

The UNMISS Malakal base is expected to receive 200 to 300 Rwandan troops from 12 to 15 May to assist with protecting civilians.

Since the beginning of conflict in the country in mid-December 2013, UNMISS Malakal has hosted thousands of displaced people. The mission will shortly be relocating them from their current temporary site to the better-equipped new one.