Peacekeepers in Malakal train community animal health workers

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A healthy animal is a happier animal. UNMISS peacekeepers in Malakal have trained people in the local community how to provide basic veterinary services.

18 Dec 2018

Peacekeepers in Malakal train community animal health workers

Janet Adongo

An enthusiastic group of trainees in Malakal are now ready to provide basic services to livestock owners in the area, after completing an intensive, hands-on training on community animal health.

They are now certified Community Animal Health Workers and can handle livestock disease management, treatment and best practices in animal husbandry – all of which are lacking in the region.

“I got trained on how to provide veterinary support and treat common animal diseases. The knowledge I have gained will enable me to provide service to the animals and to get a better income for my family,” said Sarah Lual, one of the trainees.

The training was offered and given by the Indian troops serving with the UN Mission in South Sudan, with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture and non-governmental organization World Vision.

Trainer and Veterinary Officer Lieutenant Colonel Sengar believes that regular on-the-job-training of the health workers will enable them to extend their services to the local community and enhance livestock health, alleviate poverty and enhance food security.