Police force in Rumbek prepared for car chases as UNMISS donates vehicle

unmiss south sudan police car vehicle donation mobility protection of civilians human rights communities 22 May 2018

All smiles as UNMISS on Tuesday 22 May donated a much-needed car to the police in Rumbek, Western Lakes.

23 May 2018

Police force in Rumbek prepared for car chases as UNMISS donates vehicle

Stalin Gebreselassie/Filip Andersson

Criminals in Rumbek and surroundings, beware. On Tuesday the United Nation Mission in South Sudan donated a car to the police force in the main town of the Greater Lakes region.

“This car is going to be used by the police as the only car at our headquarters in the Western Lakes area,” the grateful acting Police Commissioner, Meshak Makur, said upon spotting the still relatively shiny second hand Nissan Patrol rolling onto the scene of the handover of the automobile.

“It is a very good vehicle, I see,” commented the Minister of the Local government and Law Enforcement Agency, Mr. Mabor Meen Wol.

With increased mobility, the long arm of the law will be better placed to curb criminality in the area, according to Mr. Makur. He added that currently many crimes go unreported, but with the police having access to a car that is likely to change.

The acting Police Commissioner also expects that his vehicle-equipped colleagues will be able to improve the human rights situation in Western Lakes, and strengthen the collaboration and bonds between the local government and community members.

The donation of the car comes after an appeal made to UNMISS by the, till now, sometimes immobile police in Rumbek.