Police in Jonglei: Capacity building by UNMISS is good for us and for the public

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Police Officers in Bor received diplomas for their participation in a workshop organized by UN colleagues. Photo: David Majur Awuou/UNMISS

10 Aug 2022

Police in Jonglei: Capacity building by UNMISS is good for us and for the public

David Awuou Majak/Filip Andersson

JONGLEI- Human rights, investigation techniques, and the sensitive nature and correct handling of crimes related to gender-based violence were all on the agenda when UN Police Officers serving with the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) recently organized a workshop in Bor for 50 South Sudanese colleagues.

Their consistent efforts to train members of the South Sudan National Police Service, as well as Corrections Officers, are paying off, according to Warrant Officer Aguer Philip.

The capacity building has already had a significant impact and we are receiving positive feedback on our work. We have learnt a lot of useful things on many topics, especially human rights, our code of conduct as law enforcement agents and issues related to gender-based violence, not least of a sexual nature,” he said.

Treating survivors of domestic violence with respect and dignity is key to encourage them to report these assaults, which is why the subject is treated as a training priority. It is also one of many reasons to strive for a gender-balanced police force.

Sexual gender-based violence is very common,  and many women fear talking about their horrific experiences with male officers. This workshop is important both for us who are attending it and for survivors of these crimes, as they will now be able to talk freely with a fellow woman,” said Adau Yak, a non-commissioned officer serving with the Jonglei State Police.

Through its police component, the peacekeeping mission has conducted numerous capacity building activities for South Sudanese police and prison officials. These trainings are complemented by similar strengthening of other parts of the country’s justice system, often conducted by the UNMISS Rule of Law section.